The Forgiving God

“When we run to God, we find these things that we thought were going to ruin our lives and our future; In the love and presence of God, we can command those things that we are scared are going to harm us to leave us. God gives us authority. That's what forgiveness and hope are; it's that God loves us.” -Pastor Shipp

Welcome back; I hope you are all having a blessed and wonderful day. I recently sat down with Pastor Shipp to talk about forgiveness. I’d love to share this conversation with all of you. First, there are a few things I've thought of that I was to share about forgiving ourselves:

1. We have to release ourselves from our past. You're saying we're not going to allow our past to dictate our future. I am going to remove myself from those things, and I won't let the power of those things hold me back from my destiny. This life with Jesus

Christ is going to be so great and wonderful and not tainted by our past. Get Past our Past

2. We need to forsake trying to make our past right. You can't correct it, but we want to. If I am saying I forgive you to someone, it wasn't you that broke it. It was them. When we are talking to ourselves, we did it. God alone can heal it and transform it. God will fix what needs to be fixed.

3. I have to forsake trying to find something good in myself. That is freedom. As Christians, we try to find something good in us and show God, but we still fall short. It builds condemnation on us. Grace is the ability of God in my life and for me to live by faith for what he wants to give me and to believe him to do that. The fact is our old life won't be

reformed, it will be crucified. That new creation in Christ will come forth. When you walk in Christ, that old thing can’t battle you.

4. To be free, you have to realize you didn't get away with anything; God's wrath was fully unleashed on me at Calvary. According to the scripture, I died with him, and all of my wrongs have been completely paid for. God has been satisfied in the judgment of my sin because I have been joined with Jesus Christ. They were created in the image of Christ.

The grace and mercy of God are that you broke things you can't fix, and he will come and fix it and pay our debt. If we really believe that, why would we dishonor the gift of God's son in freeing me from my sins and transgressions by keeping them in front of me? I think people often think they should carry this guilt, shame, and condemnation. If they walk around with it, then maybe mercy will be given to me, but the truth is if you turn to the lord with your shameful past and give them to him, that's when you find mercy and freedom. That's the beauty and grace God brings into your life.