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In Word And In Deed

Welcome to Bj Ministries! Our mission is to empower women to not only hear the word of God, but to also apply it in their daily lives. Our founder, Bj Pons, understands the hardships of Sexual, Mental and Emotional abuse, but by the grace of Jesus Christ, she has triumphed and experienced fullness in her life. At our community, we strive to create relationships, engage in Bible studies, and learn how to practically apply the word of God in our daily lives. We want to provide a safe and supportive community for women who are victims of abuse, coping with grief and loss, and seeking empowerment through faith-based teachings. Our network aims to offer resources and create a forum for members to reflect, share experiences, and access needed tools in areas of Faith development, hope and healing, and community-building.

Join us on our journey to personal growth and spiritual fulfilment. Looking forward to growing in Christ together! 

God Bless.



Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the struggles of life - from the loss of a loved one to abuse and just dealing with day to day challenges? I know I have, and during those times, it can seem like there's no hope, no light, just a lot of darkness.


But here's the good news - God's word has answers for every situation. As Women of the Cross (W.O.T.C), we're here to help you learn, understand, and apply those truths every step of the way. Not just know the word, but apply it to our everyday life. Our online community is more than just a space; it's a family that crosses geographical and social lines to support, shelter and encourage its members, all of whom are daughters of God.


By joining our exclusive W.O.T.C groups, I'm excited to share that you'll gain access to an environment that brings you immense joy, clarity, deep and meaningful conversations. It's also a platform for transformative connections where you can find genuine camaraderie, support, and guidance in every aspect of your journey. 


What's more, we proudly offer a vibrant Precious In His Sight program dedicated solely to young women aged 15-25, where they can naturally learn biblical truths relevant to their life stage and find easy and safe avenues to build relationships with other young members and trusted and knowledge-filled mentors. The program is entirely free, and here, we can dialogue and create life-long friendships in the context of biblical truths that we know make the difference.


Our benefit? While becoming a subscriber for W.O.T.C means you're unlocking an unforgettable comfort and learning experience, you're also indirectly supporting and enabling us to make retreats both accessible and free to women across the world. This assistive plan means giving back to others while nurturing your spirit with established Christian-inspired insights and wisdom. If you're seeking to challenge yourself to fulfill your spiritual yearnings and find meaningful Christian relationships with women that foster growth and triumph, then this is an invitation you should accept.


By joining any of our programs, you are signing up for a strong community of learners, mentors, and friends dedicated to our collective growth. So, now's your chance to step into the light and revitalize your journey with Christ. You don't have to figure it all out alone. Let us journey along with you, every inch of the way, as much as you desire our support. You can have every confidence in our community of like-minded sisters in Christ. You'll quickly feel comfortable, thus making it easier to form deep, meaningful connections with others.


Join us now and let's grow together in the eternal light of God's possible wonders.


Joining Women of the Cross (W.O.T.C) can be a life-transforming experience that can benefit you in multiple ways. Below are some of the benefits you'd get from joining our vibrant online community: 


1. Deep Spiritual Growth: With a carefully tailored set of programs tailored for individuals, W.O.T.C. offers spiritual insights and guidance for growth path. Our members experience a renewed connection with Christ and enjoy flexibility while growing.


2. Nurturing Relationships: We believe you shouldn't have to walk through life alone, W.O.T.C members enjoy significant social relationships via fellowship, mentorship and more with like-minded individuals who share Christianity values ​​that help support each other personally and spiritually.


3. A Safe and Trusted Haven: We leverage modern technology to create high-level security frameworks to protect our members from all forms of  i.e. trolling, or malicious-related activities.



4. Access to Unique Contents: By joining our community, great convenience comes from access to distinct and unique spiritual content, free courses on different aspects of Christianity teachings available, or generally Bible teachings curated in house by our Mentors/Contributors free of charge tailored to fit a broad spectrum of member's varied knowledge of biblical teachings and their lives they affect.


5. Affordable Plan Pricing: Women of the Cross community keeps their plans affordable and flexible. Billed monthly with a known expected value achievable plans that cater effectively to every member's budget range, avoiding any unseen astronomically veiled costs that adversely affect one's budget cycle.


6. Connecting with Like-minded people: Joining W.O.T.C above all would mean going on a transformative and enriching journey filled with meaningful connections with other like-minded women who understand your feelings about faith covenant and all the challenges that life may present. This would help provide a support network propelling individual growth, self-awareness, happiness, productivity as you become an effective witness of Christ to the world.

7. By subscribing to Women of the Cross, you're joining us in our various ministries, including making our ladies' retreats easily accessible and free of charge. Knowing fully well that spiritual development training seems to be profitable and can transform many people's lives, it's such pleasure and joy to create programs that help us reach and potentially impact more people just like you. We believe in nurturing a community of believers and learners fostering leadership via free and flexible Christian spiritual growth-filled retreats, impactful messages during specialized services, and giveaways, all funded from the subscription plan that suits every member.


For more information follow the link or email us at

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