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Order My Steps

By Barbara Trent

One morning my husband got up and got ready to go to work. "Lord, he prayed, "order my steps." My husband got off the bus halfway to his job destination on his way to work. The weather looked like snow was on the way, and if it did snow, he would have to go back home. He found his way into a little coffee shop. While drinking a hot cup of coffee, my husband overheard three men having a conversation about another man who was sick. One man said, "Yeah, he's going to die if someone doesn't see about him." Another said, "I told his brother, I hope he takes care of him." My husband began to pray, "Lord, if you want me to see about this man, let it snow." By the time he finished his coffee, there were at least three inches on the ground, confirming to my husband that this dying man was his next God-given assignment.

Interrupting the conversation, my husband chimed in. "Where is this man's house"?

"It's in Indianola, one of the men said." "I'll take you up there if you want another said." Agreeing to go, my husband climbed up into the truck and went to Jerry's house. (The man who was dying). The inside of Jerry's place was colder than it was outside. Looking around, my husband saw a man lying in bed. It was Jerry, and he looked like he was already dead. My husband touched his wrist to see if he still had life in him. He turned to the man who brought him and said, "Would you go back to the coffee shop and bring me two cups of coffee and some soup for Jerry? Tell the man I get paid on Friday, and I'll pay him for it then."

Good Samaritan

My husband made a fire in the little stove, and not long after, the little place began to warm up. My husband looked in total unbelief when he saw that the man had used the floor for a bathroom. My husband heated a pot of water, got on his hands and knees, and began to chisel up the dung. It took most of the morning to get the two rooms in passing condition. My husband then woke Jerry and managed to get a little soup, coffee, and water in him before he fell back to sleep. While he was asleep, my husband looked for something to change the man. Finding some PJs, he washed and changed the dying man and put a clean sheet on the bed. Jerry never woke during any of this. After he was clean, my husband took out his New Testament, which he always carried, and began to read to the sick man. Bob came back to pick my husband up at 5 pm; he was so ashamed and promised he'd check on Jerry before 10 pm, ensuring there was enough wood on the fire. It snowed for three days, and during those three days, my husband made it his mission to visit Jerry. He read, fed, washed, and prayed for him. Finally, on day three, Jerry opened his eyes and asked, Who are you"? After introductions, Jerry said, "I could hear you reading the bible to me, and I want to give my life to Jesus." With great joy, my husband led Jerry into the presence of The Lord. Jerry received the peace that passed understanding and kept saying," I feel so clean, so free"!

Jerry lived four or five more days after his conversion and testified to everyone who came into his room. His brother, who lived only houses away, never went to Jerry's house.

Jerry's last request was that my husband tell his brother what happened to him and tell him, please give his life to the Lord. Jerry went home to be with the Lord, a brand new man.

Finish The Assignment

My husband knew his assignment wasn't finished yet. So Sunday after service, he headed out to give Jerry's brother his message. Jerry's brother always kept his rifle behind his door, saying, If ever a preacher darkened his door, he would shoot him. My husband hitch-hiked up the hill to see Jerry's brother, part of the way there; my husband got a ride by a young man who happened to be related to Jerry. The young man had just arrived from down south with his mother. After talking to him about what God did for Jerry, the young man said, "You have got to come to meet my mother! "This is an answer to prayer!" After sharing the story, the young man's mother said, " What a miracle! I've been praying for 20 years for my brother's salvation! She said I told The Lord I would not go back to Alabama until I found out the condition of Jerry's soul." My husband told how he led him to Christ and the joy he experienced. He went on to say, "Jerry asked me to give Jerry's brother, AJ, a message." Everyone in the room looked at him with alarm, but his sister said, "Fear not; God will take care of you."

Knocking on AJ's door, my husband quietly prayed, "Lord, if I die today, it will be doing your work." AJ's wife opened the door. "Oh no, she said, my husband… he'll shoot any preacher that comes to his house, please leave she begged". Just as she finished speaking, a large man pushed her aside. With a rifle at his side, he bellowed, "Who are you, and what do you want"! "I have a message from your brother Jerry ."There was an immediate change in his demeanor, "You the man that cleaned his house and cleaned him before he died"? "Yes, my husband said, and he excepted Christ as his savior. Jerry asked me to let you know that Jesus is real. He told me to tell you, please don't wait". AJ rubbed his large hands around his bushy beard and said, "Well, when I decide to give my life to God, I promise I'll pray the words you said, and I say thanks for helping my brother."

Assignment done.

Are You The Samaritan Or Man In Need?

What prayer have you been waiting for? Know that God has heard your prayer, and he is working to bring it to pass. Are you being led by God in your everyday life? Ask the Lord to direct your steps. He will give you opportunities like this when he leads you.



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